Photographers: Steve Hix

For more than forty years Steve Hix’s photographic path has varied across many avenues ranging from news, documentary, commercial and fine art; including twelve years of studio and twenty-eight years of location.  He has traveled to over sixty countries around the world gathering imagery that numbers in the millions.   His assignments have varied radically from covering the anti-war protests in the late 1960’s for the Associated Press to shooting an international winter olympics ad campaign for Coca Cola. He consistently photographed for non-profit corporations such as Make A Wish Foundation and Breast Cancer Awareness as well.  Steve’s advertising photography client list includes over 300 of the Fortune 500 companies from around the world.  In addition to his assignment work, in 2007 Steve started building the successful Hispanic stock photo company, “Somos” and then sold it to Bill Gate’s private company, Corbis, in 2011.

Throughout his editorial and advertising photography career he made time to shoot his personal fine art projects.  One such project is “The Great Sand Dunes.” Starting in 1973 and continuing for over forty years, he has taken thousands of black and white photographs.  Many of the images were taken in extreme temperature and wind conditions to create this body of work which captures the essence of these unpredictable mountains of sand. In his many travels through the dunes, he has experienced significant hypothermia and was hit by a tornado fracturing a wrist and fingers. While dune photography under difficult weather circumstances carries high personal and equipment risks, Hix’s stunning black and white photographs amply document the rewards.

Steve currently lives in Ft. Collins, CO with his wife, Janet in an 1892 stone house where he recently built a studio addition to continue his photographic journeys.