Photographers: Cody Brothers

Cody Brothers is a New Mexico native currently residing in Pecos, NM. Cody and his wife are the owners/operators of Vision Photo Lab in Santa Fe, NM. Cody's expertise as a photographer and printer insure his personal involvement in all aspects of his photography from image capture through print production. Cody works nearly exclusively with infrared film using a range of cameras including a 4x5, a 6x17 panoramic and a pinhole. His analog captures are scanned and output as black and white digital chromogenic prints.

Cody has had one person shows in Sante Fe, NM and New York City and his work is represented by galleries in these cities. Cody's work is also in several individual and institutional collections and he has developed major photographic installations in a competitive bidding process.

Cody's subject matter is predominantly but not exclusively the west. Vast panoramic landscapes, abandoned places and skies that don't end are all magnificently captured by Cody Brother's discerning eye.